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Dear ACM Members

I am contemplating the theme of the upcoming ACM conference in Cape Town from 19 to 21 April 2016. The past few months we have become quite used to the phrase #mustfall. It is as if something within our nation broke loose, and is on the path of destruction with itself. We had #feesmustfall, #zumamustfall, #e-tollsmustfall, #afrikaansmustfall, #rhodesmusfall, #outsourcingmustfall, #racismmustfall, and perhaps we can add #rainmustfall!
While we can have a good conversation about the good and the bad of all the above matters, the word FALL is not a strange concept for Christianity: We think of Satan who is an fallen angel, we think of the walls of the temple, we think of the walls of Jericho, Goliath fell, Saul fell from his throne, David fell for Bathsheba. I can imagine that during the time of the New Testament the Jews hoped for #romansmustfall and then later #jesusmustfall…
I am reminded of the most powerful words of the women at the grave of Jesus: “Jesus has risen from the dead!” And not only has He risen, he also went higher by ascending to heaven where he still reigns  on the right hand of God, mediating for us who has fallen into sin and hopelessness! The phrase #mankindmustfall comes to mind!
With Easter just behind us, as well as the ACM conference ahead of us, we are reminded that Christ came to earth during a time of despair and “fallenness” of mankind. But against the down falling nature of mankind during that time, and still today, he brought hope and built His kingdom on earth. Through the ages a number of eras and ages came and fell again, but the message of HOPE through Christ has stood the test of time. And this became the predominant characteristic of Christians through the ages: we are people who have hope even during times of despair where everything in society seems to fall.
Let us as people in Christian media never forget that we have to be the medium of hope in our society. We have to focus on the hope in Christ in every message we produce and communicate. In this time of #mustfall, let us focus on #hopemustrise!

Karel Verhoef

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Bojanala FM
5 Minutes with
YOUR VISION: We would love to create a society in which every person is celebrated as a unique and valued creation of God, and is encouraged to fulfill his or her full potential in life.
DATE FIRST ESTABLISHED: We have been granted our license but are not on air yet.
WHAT DO YOU DO: Bojanala FM will broadcast a message of Hope, Love & Peace to the people of the Bojanala District in North West. We are Licensed by ICASA and we are currently looking for a place of operation and on –air & production studios equipment.
HOW CAN OTHER ACM MEMBERS GET INVOLVED? Any studio equipment donations will be highly appreciated.
CONTACT: Matebesi Mohube email: call: 083 669 0230
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